Our Approach

Students First

We only work with practices that have been shown to improve student outcomes. We're continually evaluating the research base and monitoring new developments.

High Expectations

For ourselves and for the teachers and leaders we work with.

Do the Difficult Work

We go beyond the usual professional learning approaches of just workshop days to provide sustained and collaborative opportunities that focus on application, feedback and coaching.

The Challenge

Great teaching really matters

Studies show that children with high performing teachers can learn four times as much in a year as children with low performing teachers (Hanushek, 2014).

Across reading, science and maths, Australian students are falling behind

In mathematics and science, Australian students in Year 4 and Year 8 now perform worse than students in many countries, including England, America and Ireland. Less than 10 % of our Year 4 & 8 students achieved the Advanced international benchmark in mathematics – compared to 50% of students in Singapore and 27% in Northern Ireland in Year 4 (TIMMS 2015, ACER).

In reading, Australian students score lower in Year 4 than 13 other countries, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England (who all tested in English), Finland and Poland (ACER 2013).

We believe our Australian education system can and should be world-leading again, within a decade. With the right support, school leaders and teachers across the nation are able to significantly improve student learning, by translating research into classroom-level action, at minimal cost.

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