Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is an Australia where every child can reach their full potential. We see a world-leading education system, where our young people thrive through excellent teaching, in every classroom, every year of their schooling. We see a society where all Australians value teaching and learning, and recognise the importance and complexity of the craft of teaching.

Our Approach

  • To provide teachers and school leaders with life-long learning opportunities that are rich, real-world experiences with follow-on support, enabling high impact practices in every classroom and school.
  • To support teachers and leaders to be more confident and able to improve student learning as a result of these opportunities.
  • To empower deep and broad connections between teachers and school leaders across the system.
  • To provide opportunities for all teachers and leaders to respond to new insights into effective teaching
  • To bridge the gap from theory and evidence to practice at the classroom and school level.

Our Values

  • Students come first. Our work with teachers and leaders must support all students to learn better.
  • How teachers teach matters. We believe this is true both for the way we should work with teachers and leaders and for the students in their classrooms and schools.
  • What teachers teach matters. We believe the content and curriculum of what we teach are just as important as how we teach, both for the learning of the teachers and leaders we work with, and for how they approach the learning of their students.
  • How school leaders lead matters. School leaders have the unique ability to align the work of teachers and staff to the needs of their students. When school leaders lead differently, teachers can work differently too.
  • Life-long learning is for all. We seek to always learn from the teachers and leaders we work with and we believe in empowering all teachers and leaders to continue to adapt, learn and grow throughout their entire career.