About Us

Teach Well was established to provide support for teachers and school leaders to improve outcomes for the students in their classrooms and schools. We believe in an Australia where every child reaches their full potential through excellent teaching in every classroom, every year of their schooling. Teach Well is committed to building a sustainable organisation, from the impact our programs deliver to our carbon footprint. Since the start of Teach Well in 2019, we have annually offset our emissions by supporting sustainable development projects with Gold Standard.

Meet some of our team members below. 

Meet the Team

Ingrid Sealey
Founder, Director

Ingrid is Founder and Director of Teach Well. She was awarded a Westpac Social Change Fellowship in 2020, recognising Teach Well’s work in driving positive social change and supporting students and teachers serving complex communities. Prior to founding Teach Well, Ingrid was recognised as a 40Under40 Winner (Business News) for her work over 5 years developing and leading Fogarty EDvance – a 3-year support program for leaders of schools in disadvantaged communities.

Ingrid began her career as a strategy consultant and manager with the global strategy consultancy, The Boston Consulting Group. She specialised in transformation, change and operational improvement across a range of industries. Ingrid also led several transformation and M&A projects in her role as Project Manager with Lufthansa German airlines whilst living and working in Europe.

Ingrid is a semi-professional cellist and has taught music privately for over 20 years.

You can reach Ingrid at ingrid@teach-well.com.au.

Katie Webster
Principal Program Lead

Katie is the Principal Program Lead of Teach Well, focusing on scaling the impact of the Masterclass Series across Western Australia. Katie comes to the Teach Well team with extensive experience in working with school leaders through her work as the Program Director (Strategy) of Fogarty EDvance, a not-for-profit initiative of the Fogarty Foundation.

Prior to her time in education, Katie began her career as a solicitor in a leading global law firm in Perth. Katie specialised in providing advice and representation to a broad range of clients in commercial disputes, including a number of pro bono clients. In 2019, Katie was awarded the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 award for Dispute Resolution.

Katie is passionate about educational equity and has a keen interest in ensuring that educational research informs best practice in schools throughout Western Australia.

You can reach Katie at katie@teach-well.com.au.

Kelly Forder
Senior Lead Teacher

Kelly is a school administrator and teacher with experience using high-impact instructional strategies at below average SEI primary schools in Perth. In 2012 she was awarded a scholarship to study a Master of School Leadership at UWA, which led her to follow her passion for teacher development through instructional coaching and providing professional development for a number of schools in WA. Kelly co-founded the South East Corridor Early Childhood Network and is a representative of the WA Branch of Think Forward Educators, which has allowed her to work closely with schools and support teachers to improve early childhood educational outcomes. Kelly has been through the Masterclass series with a number of her teaching staff and is an enthusiastic advocate for evidence based teaching practice.

You can reach Kelly at kelly@teach-well.com.au.

Amy McDermott
Senior Programs, Research and Evaluation Officer

Amy is a passionate and engaged learner and educator, in both formal primary school education and in the school of life. In 2017 she was awarded a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship to complete her Master of Studies at the University of Western Australia focusing on educational leadership and public policy. During her degree Amy also studied at University College London, University of Helsinki and Jönköping University, Sweden, giving her an international perspective on school systems and teacher development. Amy is passionate about connecting teachers to research and evidence-based practices as a means of supporting them in providing quality educational experiences for their students. Her industry experience includes primary school teaching, early childhood, primary and secondary educational policy development, and workshop facilitation.

You can reach Amy at amy@teach-well.com.au.

Laura Glisson
Language and Literacy Specialist

Laura is a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist with over 12 years experience working with primary and secondary age students with speech, language and communication needs in Western Australia and England. Laura is passionate about working collaboratively with educators to improve the language, literacy and social-emotional mental health of all students, especially our most vulnerable. Laura has extensive experience in leading Speech Pathology teams at Language Development Centres in Perth and specialist secondary schools in England. In her work as an LDC Outreach Coordinator, Laura worked collaboratively with Regional Executive Directors, Network Principals, and School Leadership Teams to support the implementation of evidence-based practice oral language instruction and intervention across the Kimberley, Wheatbelt and North East Metro Education regions. Laura has also worked collaboratively with a number of school leadership teams in WA to support whole school literacy review processes. In addition to her work at Teach Well, Laura provides intervention to students with language and literacy difficulties from Years 3-10, and is a member of the Language and Literacy in Young People Research Lab at Curtin University, with publications in the area of narrative assessment and intervention.

You can reach Laura at laura@teach-well.com.au.

Jessica Quigley
Lead Teacher

Jessica is an educator with both primary and secondary training and experience and a keen interest in evidence-based instruction. Jessica completed the Masterclass Series in High-Impact Instruction in 2020, implementing participation tactics and high-impact instruction techniques to great effect in the primary school setting. Starting her career as a classical musician, Jessica taught instrumental and classroom music before undertaking further units of study in various scientific disciplines. Her work as a research assistant in the field of Clinical Neuroscience sparked a passion for best practice, resulting in Jessica retraining as a primary educator with the hope of making a contribution to evidence-based literacy and numeracy instruction. She continues to enjoy and play classical music on a regular basis.

You can reach Jessica at jessica@teach-well.com.au.

Tracey McMinn
Lead Teacher

Tracey is an educator specialising in secondary Mathematics and Science with experience in administrative roles, leading large teams towards pedagogical change.  Tracey has predominately worked with below average SEI secondary schools in Perth and has successfully demonstrated how high-impact instructional strategies can support students at risk. With a passion for education equity, Tracey has continued to support schools in the use of best practice in her current role as a consultant, providing professional development to educators with similar contexts.

You can reach Tracey at .

Rebecca Viles
Lead Teacher

Rebecca is an educator with both primary and secondary training and experience. Rebecca completed the Masterclass Series in High-Impact Instruction in 2019, successfully implementing the high-impact instruction techniques in a secondary context. With experience in school administrative roles, she also has extensive expertise in supporting diverse learners and a broad knowledge of educational support structures and processes at school and departmental levels. Rebecca has expertise in the development of individual learning plans and targeted group intervention programs, and experience in facilitating teacher professional development in differentiation and planning for students at educational risk.

You can reach Rebecca at rebecca@teach-well.com.au.

Hannah Pearson
Research Officer

Hannah is a secondary school educator who has worked in a wide variety of contexts teaching both lower and senior school English. She has been the coordinator for both lower and senior school English teaching and learning programmes, most recently as an English ATAR team leader. Hannah brings a broad range of experience to the team having previously worked in industrial relations and as a workforce planning consultant, both here and in the UK, and has extensive experience in developing and mentoring graduates. She has a strong interest in evidence-based instruction and is driven to see greater educational equity in Australia.

You can reach Hannah at hannah@teach-well.com.au.

Angelina Krleska
Research Officer

Angelina is a secondary school educator with experience teaching Humanities and Social Sciences and English. She has substantial knowledge in developing successful learning material and education programs for students who come from diverse backgrounds and who may vary in the level of education they have received. Having come from a non-English speaking background and arriving to Australia during high school, her background as an English-language learner and experience of an alternative education system gives her the perspective necessary to help other educators and school leaders come to a level of understanding of all students to enable decision making that will close the achievement gap.

You can reach Angelina at angelina@teach-well.com.au.

Rosemary Simpson
Principal Advisor

Rosemary is a Principal Advisor to Teach Well as well as Director of Tracks to Literacy who supports many government and non-government schools in the implementation of an evidence-based, robust approach to the implementation of effective oral language teaching across the schools. For over 20 years, Rosemary was the Principal of the North East Language Development Centre, a public school in Western Australia that caters for students with Developmental Language Disorders. The school provides direct intervention for ~250 students from Kindergarten to Year 1. They are enrolled on the school for a maximum of three years before returning to their mainstream schools. She was also responsible for establishing an outreach support to ~145 mainstream schools through building capacity of their staff to teach oral language and literacy skills.