Embark on a career with Teach Well

A career with Teach Well means working in a small social enterprise, with a passionate, professional and determined team, where all members have a valuable role to play. Team members work together to identify problems and solve challenges across issues and topics in a very flat organisational structure. The Teach Well team speaks with one voice, modelling the behaviours and mindsets of collaborative expertise. We inviteĀ passionate educators with outstanding classroom instruction, demonstrated by the progress and achievement of their students, to look for opportunities to join us as we work towards reducing the knowledge gap in lower socioeconomical schools around Australia.

Please note, roles are listed on this web page as they are announced to the broader Teach Well network. If you wish to be notified when new roles are advertised, please subscribe to our newsletter. If you have any questions about any opportunities, or if you believe you would be a good fit and would like us to keep you in mind for future opportunities, please contact us at

Our Values

  • Students come first. Our work with teachers and leaders must support all students to learn better.
  • How teachers teach matters. We believe this is true both for the way we should work with teachers and leaders and for the students in their classrooms and schools.
  • What teachers teach matters. We believe the content and curriculum of what we teach are just as important as how we teach, both for the learning of the teachers and leaders we work with, and for how they approach the learning of their students.
  • How school leaders lead matters. School leaders have the unique ability to align the work of teachers and staff to the needs of their students. When school leaders lead differently, teachers can work differently too.
  • Life-long learning is for all. We seek to always learn from the teachers and leaders we work with and we believe in empowering all teachers and leaders to continue to adapt, learn and grow throughout their entire career.