Masterclass Series: Impact

Teach Well is committed to supporting all students to reach their full potential. We measure and evaluate the impact of our programs to better understand how our work with teachers and leaders drives improved outcomes for their students.

  • 29


  • 1000+


  • 48,000+

    students impacted

  • 156


Participating schools are all over Australia

  • 49% of participants are from regional Western Australian schools.

    41% participants are from metropolitan Western Australian schools.

    10% participants are from Interstate schools.


    98% of participants would recommend the Masterclass Series to other teachers.

    99% of participants agree they’ve changed their daily teaching practices.

This has certainly been a challenging and confronting PL experience. I have significantly changed my practice but also suffered all the vulnerability that comes with that - self-doubt and failure and so forth. But how rewarding!!! If we expect students to move beyond their comfort zones, we should too. So thank you!

Secondary Teacher, Cohort 2

Masterclass Series – Impact in 2021

More than 1000 teachers and school leaders have completed the Masterclass Series since 2019. Participants of the Masterclass Series track the impact of the course on student outcomes, for their focus class(es), where they implemented the high-impact strategies during the course. Participants also take a pre-course survey and a post-course survey. The 2021 Impact Summary is available below.

Snapshot reports with results from our 2019 cohorts and 2020 cohorts are also available.

  • The average ICSEA for participating schools is 968

    90% of our participants come from schools with ICSEA below 1000

  • Distribution of primary and secondary teachers/leaders

    51% primary teachers/leaders; 49% secondary teachers/leaders

  • 90%

    of participants are teachers or heads of departments/learning areas with a teaching load; 10% are leaders with no teaching load

  • 87%

    of students said their teachers have made changes to their practice

  • 71%

    of students said that behavior has improved in their class

  • 60%

    of students want their teacher to continue with the changes they’ve made; 30% are not sure yet; 10% don’t want their teacher to continue

Feedback from students and teachers